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Benefits To Wedding Couples using our Honeymoon Registry

•Extra money to spend. Couples have an extra money to spend on their honeymoon booking or
on property amenities.
•Couples can take a longer, more luxurious Honeymoon.
•It’s a huge time saver. Couples have everything organized in one online account, no envelopes to handle, no accounting to do.
•They get a free Wedding & Social Media Website, Photo Gallery, and Blog. Why not ask your wedding couple if you can set up their website and add air and hotel booking information as designated travel agency of choice?
•Free Save the Date and Email Announcements to announce their registry.
•No check cashing. Couples don’t have to worry about rushing out to cash checks right before they leave for their honeymoon.
•It’s good etiquette. It’s much more personal than “no gifts please, just send us cash.”
•It allows couples to plan ahead and pre-book their activities or upgrades.
•Couples receive 34% more if the giver can use a credit card rather than just giving cash!